Divorce Online Reviews

Divorce-Online was the first online divorce service to launch in the UK, and was founded in 1999 with a mission to deliver affordable legal services and amazing customer service.
With the help of legal experts and IT professionals they set about creating a set of systems and processes, based on internet technology, that would allow people to undertake their own divorce proceedings in the UK, without having to pay thousands of pounds to lawyers. The idea came from people continuously asking their founder, why they had to pay thousands of pounds to lawyers when there were no issues to worry about. All these clients wanted was for someone to do the documents and not spend hundreds of pounds paying two sets of  solicitors to pour over every letter, phone call and detail.In 2016 they are proud to have been able to help over 200,000 plus couples to end their marriage with dignity and without excessive cost. Divorce-Online believe they are the largest filer of divorce cases in England and Wales. Now you could find more discounts from Dealsdigg.

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